Photo Friday: Easter Portraits of our Grandchildren

Lon —  April 25, 2014 — 2 Comments

Kylie_Easter 2014

[Kylie's Eyes. Nikon D40. April 20, 2014.] ⊕ full-size image

This Photo Friday, please indulge me as I share a few photos I took of our grandchildren this past Easter Sunday.

I hope these make you smile. Remember that the life God gives each of us mixes joy and sorrow, life and death, birth and old age. The promise of Easter is that new, eternal, abundant life belongs to those who belong to Christ. Trust Him for that, and enjoy the blessings He gives you in this life, blessings like the companionship of those you love.

Grace and peace to you,

Lon & Dawn

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Hi, I'm Lon Hetrick, an average guy who believes God is great, even when (my) life isn't. Grace mingles with our griefs in this life, so I write about spiritual life, emotional health, and being average to encourage you hope in God today. When I'm not putting my theological degree to good use on Average Us or writing Christian education and discipleship material for churches, I work as an interaction designer for a prominent automotive website. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

2 responses to Photo Friday: Easter Portraits of our Grandchildren


    Adorable:) God has certainly blessed you:)

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