Easter: Imagine Sorrow Changed

Lon Hetrick —  April 19, 2014

Hello Everyone,

We all know that tomorrow is Easter. We all have our family traditions for celebrating it. May the warmth of your celebration be everything you hope.

Sunrise over three crosses

But, I’d like to ask that you join me today and tomorrow in imagining what it must have been like for Jesus’ followers early that Sunday morning, before the sun had risen, before they knew He had risen.

Imagine walking to the tomb with with several women, mourning, sobs in their throats, to prepare His body for burial.

Imagine hiding with His disciples in a darkened, barricaded room for fear of arrest.

Imagine Mary, weeping at the empty tomb, frantic, begging the gardner to tell her where he had laid (hidden? stolen? desecrated?) the body.

And only after you begin to imagine that dark frame of mind—the most utter despair—only then…

Try to imagine their joy.

How it must have changed everything they believed about Him, about themselves, about life in the world.

Strange that we so seldom remember it.

Strange that we are so little changed by it.

Dawn and I pray that joy will find you tomorrow in congregational worship as you imagine, and hear the announcement,


and proclaim,


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Lon Hetrick


An average guy who trusts that God is great, even when (my) life isn't. Grace mingles with our griefs, so I write about Christian hope and emotional health to encourage you hope in God today. I also work as an interaction designer for an automotive website. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

One response to Easter: Imagine Sorrow Changed

    Christiaan Mostert April 21, 2014 at 2:35 am

    thank you for that Easter / Pasen message. thoughtfully done.